Rent An Exotic Turks Caicos Villa!

For a splash of adventure rent a Turks Caicos villa during your vacation to these exotic Caribbean islands. The additional space, independence and luxury are often a better bargain, but keep in mind some of the differences between hotels and villas and the tips on villa rentals I've detailed for you below. 

The Turks and Caicos were (and still are) a playground and hideaway for the rich & famous for many years prior to the arrival of mainstream tourism in the 1990s.

Today, these islands, and especially Provo, remain anupscale destination so, expect prices to match no matter where you stay.

But considering that the Turks and Caicos are truly a slice of heaven, renting a villa just means that you get ...a BIGGER piece!

This makes a lot of sense for families and you have many choices for your Turks Caicos villa from modest cottages to grand beachfront luxury homes complete with maid and chef. Of course you forgo (in most instances), the dining and entertainment convenience and general hubbub of a hotel and some people like a little action with their relaxin'.

On the flip side, you have even more peace and quiet, seclusion and intimacy with your loved one(s) and plenty of room to play with a villa rental.

Turks Caicos Villa

Planning For Your Villa Rental

You'll need to plan ahead a few months if you want a pick of the best properties or...any pick at all.

So, first consider when you want to go and remember that prices can vary considerably depending on the season.

  • Peak Season: Christmas and New Year's Holiday.
  • High Season: Mid-December through April.
  • Low Season: May through November.

Prices and Other Costs

Prices of course vary by season and the size, location and level of luxury you desire. Provo has the vast majority of villas available, but prices are notably lower on most of the other islands.

Most Turks Caicos villas rent by the week and most require a two-week rental during the peak holiday season.

In general, prices (US$) are as follows (low season to peak):

  • 1 or 2 bedroom cottage: $1500-$3500/week
  • Nice 3 or 4-bdrm villa: $4000-$6000/week
  • Large Luxury Villa: $10,000-$15,000/week
  • Ultra Luxury Villa: $16,000-$35,000/week

Some villas will rent out part of the villa for a lower price and some charge in part based on the number of guests.

NOTE: You'll have to pay an additional 10% "Accommodation Tax" that the government assesses on rentals AND...

Air conditioning is typically charged separately. Some charge a flat rate while other villa rentals charge per kilowatt used so, be sure to verify to avoid confusion.

Rental Villa Amenities

Most Turks Caicos villa rentals are on or near the water and/or beach. Most also have <B>pools</B> and some have boat docks. 

Of course, you can expect kitchens to have all the <B>modern conveniences</B> (fridge/freezer, dishwasher, microwave, etc.) In many villas the kitchens are gourmet quality. 

Some also have BBQ grills outside.

Villa rentals are typically "connected"with cable or satellite television(s), DVD players, stereos, telephone and a few offer internet service and fax as well.

A few villas have on-site staff and the use of a car and/or boat. All villa rentals come with a maid service 1-2x/week.

Concierge Services

Several local companies can assist you with booking your Turks Caicosvilla rental and arranging for additional services such as:

  • Delivering your luggage
  • Stocking your villa with food
  • Providing a personal chef for your stay
  • Car and boat rentals
  • Fishing, sailing, diving or other tours
  • Massages and spa treatments
  • Whatever else you can think of


As noted, you need to plan ahead a few months to book the best villa you desire.

Most villa rentals require a 50% deposit (some 25%) up front with the balance due within 30-60 days prior to arrival. Some require an additionalsecurity deposit.

Most allow cancellations with certain restrictions and fees.

In some cases you may be able to rent by the day, but most often you will be expected to rent the villa for a week (7 nights) or more. Depending on the season, you may get a discount on days beyond the initial week.

It may take a bit more planning and leg-work to create that fun and fabulous holiday you've been dreaming of, but renting a Turks Caicos villa is a wonderful way to experience this pristine paradise. Enjoy!



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