Turks Caicos Resorts & Hotels

It's amazing how many great hotels are on these tiny islands!

Turks Caicos resorts range from small, family-run inns to romantic retreats to world-class luxury resorts with heavenly spas and delicious restaurants. Some resorts also offer all-inclusive packages. 

Most Turks Caicos resorts are on the main tourist island of Providenciales, but in case you didn't know... wonderful hotels on other islands in the Turks & Caicos chain more secluded and pristine than Provo await your discovery.

Turks Caicos Hotels

Providenciales hotels tend to be the upscale variety. Many are condo-style or fully-furnished luxury suites with living rooms and kitchens.

Because Providenciales is the most developed island of the Turks & Caicos chain, some hotels on Grace Bay Beach also offer timeshare suites and rentals. These are similar to condos but usually there are more amenities and more to do on site.

A number of fantastic moderate hotels are available and even a few very nice cheap hotels give you more than expected... but island life is expensive and prices are relative so expect your wallet to get a work out!

Also, Provo is in the middle of a development boom. Many new hotels and condos are being built in line with the government's idea of making the Turks and Caicos Islands an upscale destination.

It's a great situation for real estate investors, as prices are appreciating rapidly... so, after decades as a sleepy, unknown destination, Provo is starting to wake up.

Even with all the new construction, Provo is still a mellow and uncrowded little gem when compared with other tourist hot spots like Cancun, Mexico, Nassau, Bahamas or other Caribbean islands.

You don't have rows of hotels towering over the beach. It's nothing like that. In fact, there's only about 25 hotels on the island.

Grace Bay beach is wide and uncrowded and there's still plenty of space between most of the low-rise hotels.

And several other Provo beaches on the south and west shores are free ofany development with long deserted stretches of sand.

Provo is just more developed than the other Turks Caicos islands and Provo has all the nightlife, shopping, restaurants, golf, tours and other popular tourist activities.

Other Turks and Caicos Islands

Venture off Provo to other Turks and Caicos islands such as: North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos, Salt Cay and Grand Turk for a more laid-back (and less expensive) island experience.

A handful of luxury resorts dot these islands and a few more are in the works with development starting to spill over from Provo, but for the most part you'll find small, cozy inns and guest houses that put you at the heart of island life.

Most of these boutique Turks Caicos resorts and inns are right on gorgeous beaches with hardly a hint of tourist development.

Personally, this is my favorite way to go. In most of the smaller Turks Caicos resorts and inns, it's almost like staying with friends

You get a better chance to meet and hang out with the locals--"belongers" as they call themselves--and get a more authentic taste for the culture.

Also, with so few people living on the outer islands and even fewer vacationers it's like owning a piece of paradise all to yourself.

The pristine beaches are virtually deserted. The bone fish flats are empty except for the swarms of fish and you'll never run out of cool spots to swim or snorkel.

It's a perfect solitude. You can really disconnect from hectic, modern life. There's still plenty of things to do and explore, but pure relaxation is the main attraction.

Of course, Provo has many secluded beaches and provides ample opportunity to relax as well, but if you are really looking to get lost, then the outer Turks and Caicos Islands are your best bet.

Private Islands

Parrot Cay and Pine Cayare two private islands with great beaches, fishing and diving, but really nothing else in the way of tourist activities, nightlife or shopping.

Each has it's own expensive luxury resort although with different personalities.

Parrot Cay is the uber luxury retreat with a world-
renowned spa and delicious restaurant. This Turks Caicos resort is where most celebrities stay when vacationing in the islands.

Pine Cay is home to the first Turks Caicos resort built back in the 1970s.

The Meridian Club is also frequented by many rich and famous people, but it ambience and architecture is more casual with unpretentious beachcottages, no TVs, phones or A/C. The restaurant has great food however.

West Caicos is not technically private, but construction on the exclusive new West Caicos Reserve complete with a Ritz-Carlton resort called Molasses Reef and residential properties aimed at high-net-worth individuals is underway. The luxury resort is set to open mid-2008.

Villa Rentals

Many villas and condos are available for rent. Most on a weekly basis. This can be a great option especially for families and groups. Most are on Provo, but a few villa rentals are available on the outer islands too. Prices vary and villa rentals are sometimes a better deal than a hotel, but you must book several months in advance.

For such a small place, you really have a variety of Turks Caicos resorts and hotels to choose from. And it's really hard to find a bad one. Even the "budget" hotels are clean and comfortable and, most importantly, right on the beautiful beaches!


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