Turks Caicos Beaches: A Beach Lover's Caribbean Fantasy

Pristine and secluded, the Turks Caicos beaches are undiscovered gems of the Caribbean. Grace Bay Beach is considered one of the most stunning in the world... but there are many other fantastic beaches on every islandin the Turks & Caicos archipelago so....

If you're a beach lover, like me, and want to spend every day at the beach... if you love walking, running, playing and otherwise lying around and luxuriating on endless, soft, white sand... 

then Turks Caicos beaches offer miles of warm pleasure for you... and very often you'll have the whole beach to yourself!


Grace Bay Beach and other great Provo beaches

Parrot Cay

A private island with only one expensive luxury resort, Parrot Cay is where most celebrities stay when vacationing in the Turks and Caicos islands, but you don't have to be rich and famous to visit the island.

The Parrot Cay beach is 3-miles-long, white, soft and gorgeous like most turks caicos beaches.

Pine Cay

Another private island with private residences and the first resort built
in the Turks and Caicos islands 
(back in 1970s): The barefoot casual Meridian Club with seductively simple cottages set on a near perfect...and perfectly deserted... 2.5 mile beach on the west shore of the island.

You can wade out forever at Sand Dollar Point searching for sand dollars and a big ship wreck is easily accessible from shore. A cove on the east side called the "Aquarium" is great for snorkeling. Also, a bunch of criss-crossing nature trails are fun for exploring the island.

North Caicos

North Caicos has three excellent beaches on the northwest side of the island:

  • Pumpkin Bluff Beach: is the best with good snorkeling and a shipwreck.
  • Whitby Beach: where the few small inns are located.
  • Horse Stable Beach: is the local hangout and primary party spot east of Whitby beach.

Some development is starting to occur here, but for the most part you won't see another soul on these beaches.

Middle Caicos

  • Mudjen Harbour Beach: is very cool with the cliffs above the beachcreating a natural amphitheater.
  • Bambarra Beach: is another fine option toward the east if you follow the Crossing Over Trail that runs for miles along the north coast. It has a small inn too.

South Caicos

Grace Bay Beach on Provo gets most of the press, but after visiting many other Turks Caicos Beaches almost all of them are beautiful... a beach lover's fantasy.

  • Belle Sound:Stunning turquoise water and more fabulous soft, white sand.
  • Long Bay: Two miles of deserted, curving white-sand beach with crashing surf.

Both Belle Sound and Long Bay beaches face north out onto the 40-square miles of nature reserve and bonefish flats. Truly outrageous fishing that usually you only dream about. You'll find some nice beaches at the northern end of the island as well.

Salt Cay

North Beach on the...guess where?...north coast is the best on the island and a very pretty beach with lots of shells.

Big Sand Cay 7 miles south of Salt Cay is uninhabited, but makes for a great day trip via boat tour operators to wander down the beach, relax on the pristine sands and play Robinson Crusoe.

Grand Turk

Grand Turk is virtually ringed by a variety of beaches similar to most other Turks Caicos beaches, which are... superb! You'll find long stretches of sand along with cliffs enclosing small private coves.

  • Governor's Beach: Lined by shady Causarina pines, this pretty beach on the southwest shore sits in front of the Governor's House built in 1815. It's a favorite hang out for locals. The cruise ship dock is also here.
  • White Sands Beach: At the south end of the island, this beach is aptly named and good for snorkeling, but it's a dirt road access.
  • Flamingo Beach: On the northeast shore this beach runs south from the lighthouse on the northern most point of the island. It's a fine beach, but seaweed a rough water are not the best for swimming.
  • Fisherman's Beach: similar to and south of Flamingo Beach.
  • Little Bluff Point Beach: Just south of the lighthouse on the west shore, this beach is backed by cliffs and great for beachcombing.
  • Corktree Beach: A nice sweep of sand north of town on the west shore.

You'll need several vacations to explore all the Turks Caicos beaches, but what a great excuse to take more vacations!

You'll soon agree that Turks Caicos beaches rival beaches anywhere else in the world.

Definitely worth the trip!


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