Turks and Caicos Fishing Guide

You've Hit The Jackpot!

Turks and Caicos fishing is simply outrageous. If you've ever hooked into a streaking bonefish or muscled a HUGE blue marlin, you know it's a thrill.

Many spots around the world and in the Caribbean offer excellent fishing, but none have quite the fantastic combination that makes fishing in Turks and Caicos so spectacular.

Very few other places offer such a variety of fishing opportunities and the chance to hook so many different game fish.

Why is Turks and Caicos Fishing So Fabulous?

First... the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands are a secluded --almost secret-- Caribbean gem at the southern tip of the Bahamas.

It's a mystery to me, with so many gorgeous, pristine beaches and unique natural wonders that these islands have remained off the radar for so long.

But hey... all the better. We don't need mega-resorts and crowds of tourists at every paradiseon earth!

Provo is definitely starting to develop now, but still only receives a tenth of the tourism (and fishing) the Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean hot spots do. So....

Turks and Caicos fishing is virtually... untapped!

Endless miles of easily accessible fishing spots support schools of fish that have yet to see bait!

Believe it or not... it's true. Fishing in Turks and Caicos is some of the finest in the Caribbean.

Second... just a mile and a half off-shore, an extensive reef system with 7000 foot walls provides a king's buffet for migrating Atlantic blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphin, barracuda, sharks and more and...

Third... 2000 sq miles of flats at your doorstep are a bonefishing bonanza rivaling any Bahamas fishing vacation.

Barracuda are also frequently caught and sometimes tarpon too.

You can easily access many good bonefishing spots from land and test your fly-fishing skills on your own. However, you'll have better luck getting into fish when employing a Turks and Caicos fishing guide with a boat.

There are just so many flats and such a large area, that you may spend a hours at a known bonefishing spot, but not see a single fish.

If you'll be fishing many days and paying close attention to the tides of course, then you'll eventually get into fish wading on your own.

However, you'll cover far more territory and likely see and hook many more on a boat with a bonefishing guide. You could go crazy buying fly patterns, but pink, orange and brown/beige gotchas and charlies in sizes 4-6-8 will get it done.

Charters, Guides & License

Several talented Turks and Caicos fly fishing and bonefishing guides will lead you to the top spots and put you on tailing fish, but (as noted above) all the islands have flats you can easily wade from the beach... sometimes right in front of your hotel!

Deep-sea fishing charters are available for half and full day trips based out of Provo. Prices vary depending on the size of your group, the boat and extent of the trip. All equipment, food and drinks are included by local operators.

A $30 fishing license good for 30 days is required. You can buy your license at the harbor in Turtle Cove.


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