Parrot Cay Turks Caicos
Luxury Hideaway

Welcome to the lifestyles of the rich and famous! On Parrot Cay Turks Caicos it's all about luxury, wealth, celebrity and especially...privacy.

Celebrities and stars, especially Hollywood types love Parrot Cay.

Really, it's one of the world's great vacation destinations.

Bruce Willis has a big house here, Keith Richards and Oprah too. Other stars such as: Justin Timberlake, Julia RobertsPaul McCartney, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher seem to line up to come to here...

But guess what... YOU can come too... if you like deserted beaches, butler service, fine food and own a fat wallet!

Parrot Cay Turks Caicos 

A private island purchased in the late 1990's by the Singapore fashion icon Christina Ong. It's a small island (1000 acres) surrounded by beaches and The Parrot Cay Resort is the only place to stay.

Getting There is by boat only from Provo and you have to be a guest.

Accomodations range from hotel style garden view rooms to islolated 5-bedroom villas with their own beach! (I'll have to try that next time!) 

All villas come with butler service and pool.

Prices range from around $400/night up to $10,000/night. You can also rent some of the celebrity houses for around $5000 to $10,000/night. 

But don't expect ostentatious grandeur. Design is simple and serene with a comfy, beach house aesthetic --whitewashed wood, teak and tile.

I especially like the large verandas for sipping cocktails and watching the sunsets... relaxing.

And relaxing is about all there is to do here, which is wonderful, but if you like activities, shopping and sightseeing you may get a little "cabin fever." Stay on Provo if that's your style.

Two restaurants --Lotus and Terrace-- are the only spots for food on the island. Both offer a great dining experience and are expensive as #%$?@! For this reason, my best advice is to book one of the "inclusive plans" offered by the resort. It's a much better deal.

The Shambhala Spa on Parrot Cay is possibly reason enough to stay here. Therapist are specialists from Asia who use natural ingredients for a variety of unique treatments... fabulous! Again, you can book a packagethat includes multiple spa sessions.

So, if you're looking for secluded, pristine luxury, Parrot Cay Turks Caicos will spoil you... and who doesn't like that!


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