Grace Bay Beach:
A Secluded Caribbean Paradise!

Grace Bay Beach

This 12-mile gorgeous curving beach known as Grace Bay Beach is the one that Conde Nast Travel magazine (and others) rate as one of the 10 best in the world!

It truly is a fantastic beach on the east end of Provo's north shore with powder-soft white sand, starfish and easy snorkeling.

Of course, this is where the majority of Provo's hotels and resorts are located and where most of the tourism development is occurring too, but it's not packed with tourists like you might imagine. 

Development here is waaaaay behind most other Caribbean destinations. You'll still find plenty of space on the most popular Turks Caicos beach. 

This may be the center "piece" of the local beaches, but there are several other Providenciales beaches worth exploration. Take a look...

More Beaches On Provo

Sapodilla Bay:

Scalloped out of a peninsula on the south side of Provo this cozy little cove is a peaceful spot to soak up the sun and watch the yachts and small boats bob on the gentle waves. Shallow and good for swimming.

Taylor Bay:

Another quiet and shallow cove just east of Sapodilla Bay. Again great for swimming and looking at all the starfish when the tide is out.

On the north side of the peninsula (opposite Sapodilla and Taylor Bays) lies Chalk Sound with innumerable tiny rock islets that dot the calm and glowing turquoise water like mushrooms. Fascinating!

Several villas overlooking Chalk Sound and the bay can be rented. Bonefishing and kitesurfing are popular on this side of the island too.

Also interesting: On the hill above Sapodilla Bay you can view names of shipwrecked sailors dating back to the 1800s carved into the rock.

Malcom's Road Beach:

If you have a 4WD jeep and are willing to brave an hour-long bumpy ride you'll find a beautiful 2-mile beach with great snorkeling on the northwest shore.

At one end of the beach are the abandoned tiki huts built by the French version of "Survivor."

Long Bay Beach:

Is an often deserted stretch of superb sand with shallow, warm water on the south east shore of Provo opposite Grace Bay.

Half Moon Bay:

For a great day trip, take a short boat ride from the Leeward Marina on the east end of Provo to this golden strip of sand stretching between two uninhabited cays. Sexy!


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